Tin Umbrella Coffee

New, locally-owned & locally-loved coffee house and roastery (where there was none) in South Seattle’s historic Hillman City

Tiny Asteroid Jewelry

Tiny Asteroid Jewelry is a small design studio creating jewelry by hand.

Tom Douglas Rub with Love

Rub with Love spicerubs and sauces

Toosum Healthy Foods

Toosum addresses the major health issues of diabetes, obesity, gluten-intolerance and heart disease.


Outdoor climbing, indoors.


One woman's purse obsession and a quirky nickname became a collection of unique handmade bags.

Trophy Cupcakes & Party

At Trophy, we believe every day should be a party — filled with colorful confetti, decadent treats and happy surprises.

True North Gear

True North Gear®, LLC has been a trusted source for quality FR jackets, base layers, hats and more for over 20 years

Twice Sewn Togs

Limited & custom handmade children’s clothing ethically made from vintage deadstock fabrics!

Two Beers Brewing Co.

Seattle-based brewery striving for create bold, creative Pacific Northwest inspired craft beer.

Two Owls

Two Owls makes organic cotton Womens and Childrens clothing and accessories and one-of-a-kind upcycled clothing.

Ugly Baby

We make Shower Art: Waterproof art you can hang in your shower with a suction cup.

Ugly Yellow House

Designers, Makers & Purveyors of Fine Things

Uli’s Famous Sausage

We make tasty sausages in the PNW with eco-friendly ingredients and lots of love.

Umami Kushi

Yuzu Koshio, is a Japanese seasoning or condiment paste made from local peppers then cured in salt and yuzu juice.

Unauthorized Prints

We offer silk screening services for anything from apparel to paper stock.

Up & Undies and Ardistry

I upcycle soft tees with clever graphics and sayings into comfy undies: homesewn and 100% guilt free.

Uphill Designs

We transform leather and canvas into that thing you can't leave home without. Built by our hands - used by yours.

Our Founding and Sustaining Partners