The Homemade Kid

Handmade baby and toddler clothing.

The Kitchen Imp

Organic spices and teas

The Line Design, Inc. DBA The Unsweetened Tooth

Bake to order "no sugar added" pastries for those with special dietary restrictions or choose to restrict sugar intake.

The Original Brick Noodle

The Original Brick Noodle contains and separates LEGOS® and anything else you prefer not to fall off your workspace.

The Seattle Barkery

We sell handcrafted dog treats made in Seattle by us at our 3 locations and currently 21 other local retailers

The Shrubbery

Locally sourced shrubs and drinking vinegar

The Sweet Potatoe

hip. soft. modern. High quality baby & toddler apparel, inspired by art, travel and colorful adventures.

Theo Chocolate

Theo Chocolate is proud to be the first organic, fair trade bean-to-bar chocolate maker in North America.

Thistle Stone

Elegant, simple, meaningful jewelry, handmade in Seattle with emphasis on marking meaningful moments in life

Thread & Canvas Co.

Waxed canvas bags and accessories handcrafted in Seattle

Timber City Ginger

Timber City Ginger strives to brew and serve the spiciest ginger beer in WA, full of locally sourced botanicals.

Tin Umbrella Coffee

New, locally-owned & locally-loved coffee house and roastery (where there was none) in South Seattle’s historic Hillman City

Tiny Asteroid Jewelry

Tiny Asteroid Jewelry is a small design studio creating jewelry by hand.

Tom Douglas Rub with Love

Rub with Love spicerubs and sauces

Toosum Healthy Foods

Toosum addresses the major health issues of diabetes, obesity, gluten-intolerance and heart disease.


Outdoor climbing, indoors.


One woman's purse obsession and a quirky nickname became a collection of unique handmade bags.

Trophy Cupcakes & Party

At Trophy, we believe every day should be a party — filled with colorful confetti, decadent treats and happy surprises.

Our Founding and Sustaining Partners