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We believe in creating fun and functional products which will bring joy to customers. Our focus is on using materials that are more sustainable than traditional wood products by using partially recycled wood. Creating new designs is a labor of love for our planet, we frequently design products that permanently replace items that require single-use plastics. One of my favorite examples of this value coming to life is our stacking board game tower – which eliminates the need for plastic baggies to store game pieces in. We also have a pretty great sense of humor and absolutely live to create cheeky sardonic works of art to adorn your walls. We finish all of our wood products with food-grade mineral oil, avoiding resins and harsh chemicals.


Wooden Wall decor, Wooden Mask Hangers, Holiday Decor, Fuckflakes, Wooden Boxes, Wood and Acrylic Garden Stakes, Wood and Acrylic Garden Signs, Stacking puzzle trays, Stacking game towers, Dice trays

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