Current Seattle Made Store Vendor Information

Below is an overview of working with our partners at Hudson Group. While Seattle Made staff does not handle purchasing, payment, or the day-to-day operations of the store feel free to reach out (gro.doogelttaes@aerdna) if you have any questions. We are here to advocate on your behalf and want this to be a successful endeavor for all those involved!


Emily Baker | moc.puorgnosduh@rekab.ylime813.396.3639 Ext. 245
Kate Valeri | moc.puorgnosduh@irelav.etak
Shay Gorman | moc.puorgnosduh@namrog.yahs

Emily is the primary buyer.


Eunice Lee | moc.puorgnosduh@eeL.ecinuE | 650.410.0520


  • You must be a Seattle Made member to be featured at the store.
  • After you have been selected for inclusion you should receive an order (PO) from an individual buyer at Hudson. In some cases the buyers have assistant buyers so please be aware that subsequent orders may come from assistant buyers.
  • Consider adding the Seattle Made logo to your packaging or tags. Visible Seattle branding appeals to travelers.
  • Buyers will review new product lines on a rolling basis. Feel free to submit any time you have a new product launch. Please review the submission process to submit new lines. 
  • Please be patient with buyer inquiries.
  • Buyers should be able to provide you sell-through sheets so you are able to plan production accordingly. Ask your buyer if they can produce a sell-through sheet for you on a quarterly basis.

Our Sustaining Partners