Apply to the Seattle Made Airport Store

Below is an overview of the submission process for the Seattle Made Airport store. While Seattle Made staff does not handle purchasing feel free to reach out (gro.doogelttaes@aerdna) if you have any questions.

Product Categories 

  • Home Decor, Apparel, Children’s Goods, Accessories, Jewelry, Beauty
  • Souvenirs and Regionally Inspired Gifts
  • Pre-packaged Specialty Foods. Foods must be pre-packaged and have a minimum of six -month shelf life (with printed expiration dates)
  • Nonalcoholic Beverages. There is a small refrigerator available for cold items.
  • Alcoholic Beverages. Limited to beer and wine. 

Things to Consider

  • Smaller-sized items do well, i.e., objects that can easily fit in a carry-on bag.
  • Visible Seattle branding (in packaging and tagging) appeals to travelers.
  • Please keep in mind that due to the high costs associated with the airport, your wholesale price will be marked up higher than a typical retailer. 
  • If selected for inclusion, you must be capable of printing UPC and retail labels. Your buyer can create UPC numbers for you, so you do not need to purchase them, but you will need to create the labels. The barcodes can be produced here.
  • Offering displays is always a plus.

Submission Overview

  • You must be a Seattle Made member to be featured at the store.
  • Buyers will respond to submissions within 3 – 4 weeks. Please be patient. If you do not hear from a buyer in 4 weeks you can reach out to confirm your submission. Please cc Andrea Porter, program manager (andrea @ on your messaging so we can help assist with confirming a response. 
  • If buyers do not purchase your line, you may resubmit as you create new product lines. 
  • The staff of Seattle Made does not handle product selection or buying. 

Submission Process 

Please send your submission Emily Baker, Kate Valeri, and Shay Gorman
moc.puorgnosduh@rekab.ylime | 813.396.3639 Ext. 245

Emily is the primary buyer.

Step 1: Send a submission by email 

Please send the following items.

  • Email Subject Line: Seattle Made Store Submission: Your Business Name: Date
    Example – Seattle Made Store Submission: Your Company Name: 1/5/23
  • Include that you are a member of Seattle Made and are submitting to the Seattle Made store.
  • Please include your contact details, a catalog or photos of your products, and a sales sheet including your wholesale prices.
  • Also, we’d suggest highlighting your top sellers. The buyers are very busy and if you offer them your best sellers they are more likely to place a purchase order with you!

Step 2: Follow up your email submission with samples by mail 

Send a few top sellers for buyer review. These items will not be returned and may not be added to future invoices. This step is not required but will enhance your likelihood of selection.

Mailing Address:
Hudson Group
c/o Emily Baker
12750 Citrus Park Lane, Suite 210
Tampa, FL, 33625


We hope to see your products featured soon at the store!


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