Seattle Made Videos

Join us as we take a peek behind the curtain to learn more about how Seattle Made members create their products, what inspires them, and where you can buy their products! 

These creators and entrepreneurs strengthen our local economy and our communities, provide meaningful living wage jobs, and contribute so much to Seattle’s independent and innovative culture. 

Support your local maker and small businesses whenever you can, and help us keep Seattle, Seattle!

Seattle Made Week 2021 Spotlights

Inspired to try Sukie’s Candles? The Seattle Made Wellness Box in partnership with Ember Community Kit includes one of Sukie’s candles!  

Your box purchase directly supports local businesses, like Sukie’s Candles, with much-needed revenue!

Thanks to Metropolitan Market, Square, BECU and The Port of Seattle for their support of Seattle Made Week 2021.

We Are Seattle Made

Produced in 2019 the We Are Seattle Made series highlights the stories of Seattle Made members! 

Many thanks to Vulcan Inc. and Tideway Creative for their support of this project!

Seattle Made Minute

The Seattle Made Minute series shines a light on a few of the very first members of Seattle Made. Their participation and support propelled the program from 100 members to over 650 today. If you’re a maker, producer, or manufacturer producing in the city of Seattle, we hope you’ll join us too!

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