World Spice Merchants

Nestled below Pike Place Market on the Seattle waterfront, World Spice Merchants has been a hub of flavor exploration since 1995. It is a modern day spice bazaar — vibrant, diverse, and exploding with flavors from around the globe. With over 200 spice selections gracing the shelves, World Spice is a destination offering unique flavor selections for every chef – from the humblest home cook to our James Beard awarded fans. We bring all our spices in during the current harvest cycle and test each one as it arrives to ensure that it is the best possible quality. This level of dedication and love of our craft means that each spice and recipe we offer comes not from a numbered bin from an industrial outpost but straight from our kitchen to yours.


Culinary spices and herbs, spice and herb blends, sea salts, fine estate teas, herbal tea blends, cookbooks, spice grinders and storage

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