Vibes Chakra Oils

Vibes Chakra Oils were developed by an intuitive energy healer to help share the power of plant medicine to help rebalance the whole system- emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical.
The daily use of these oils brings a sense of being grounded and present, ignites passion and creativity, activates personal power, restores patience, clears communication channels, and inspires imagination, dreaming, and connection to the Universe.


Joy-to-Go Travel Kit includes a travel size bottle of each oil in a zipper pouch that fits in the palm of your hand,
Root Chakra Healing Oil Blend//Deepen Your Roots,
Sacral Chakra Healing Oil Blend//Find Your Flow,
Solar Plexus Healing Oil Blend//Own Your Power,
Heart Chakra Healing Oil Blend//Live in Love,
Throat Chakra Healing Oil Blend//Speak Your Truth,
Third-Eye Chakra Healing Oil Blend//Awaken Your Intuition,
Crown Chakra Healing Oil Blend//Connect to the Universe,

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