Aditi Chai

Aditi Chai is a hyper-local woman-owned micro-business in Seattle, WA. It is the most regal, authentic Indian masala chai available in the market today. We mindfully handcraft small batches using our family’s hundred-year-old recipe. Our chai uses carefully selected estate-grown black tea leaves from Assam. We use fresh herbs like spearmint, lemongrass, and ginger roots in our preparation. Our whole spices come from farmer-centric co-ops. The key, however, is the recipe and our flavor. Our flavors are complex and layered while both accessible and interesting. The chai is filled with spices, yet not spicy; sweetened, yet not sweet. Ginger Turmeric Tea is made with fresh ginger and organic turmeric powder. More details are at


Aditi Chai Authentic Masala Tea, Aditi Chai Ginger Turmeric Tea, Aditi Ghee - Hand Crafted Clarified Butter

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