rue Santé – Mindfulness-Based Self-Care™

rue Santé Mindfulness-Based Self-Care™ is a woman-owned wellness brand. Our mission is to change the unrealistic perceptions of beauty & aging and to empower people to prioritize their health with products & rituals that reduce mental and physical stress and promote a healthy, happy state of being. We transform your daily, rushed routines into intentional, thoughtful rituals of care. Beauty is just one of the side-effects.

We are as committed to sustainability as to mind & body wellness because Earth Care is Self-Care™ and that is why we hand-make our products with LOVE-luxurious, organic, vegan & eco ingredients & materials. We donate 10% of annual profits and use our platform to create awareness for the conservation of species & planet.


BODY CARE: moisturizers, serums, masks, polishes, bath powders, lip balms, purposeful perfumes, deodorant, hair products
WELLNESS FROM WITHIN: botanical wellness beverages for mind and body
MINDFULNESS SENSORY & HEALING TOOLS: singing bowls, massaging tools, candles, beverage accessories

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