Papa Tony’s Hot Sauce, LLC

Papa Tony’s was created in New Orleans at the beginning of 2021, when our founder Tony Wilson and his wife used the lock down to grow closer as a family through cooking and experimenting with new dishes. One night while making Carne Asada tacos, Tony decided to make a homemade Garlic and Mango Habanero hot sauce. The final product was absolutely delicious and after posting the creation to social media, his followers began to inquire about purchasing the remaining bottles. They decided to lean into the idea and began bottling and selling the sauce at a rapid pace, selling over 300 bottles in the first month! Papa Tony’s is now featured at Farmers Markets across Washington State, and coming to a store near you.


Our four delicious flavors include: Garlic Habanero, Mango Habanero, Ghostly Garlic (roasted garlic & Ghost Peppers) & Scorpion's Kiss (strawberry & Scorpion Peppers).

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