A passion for sharing wellness and beauty led Seattle artist and fermentation instructor, Hadar Iron, to create InFerment. Crafted of stoneware clay and natural ash glaze; each crock is a unique work of art meant to enhance its surroundings, as the wholesome foods prepared in it improves and energizes your well-being. Our work in the studio focuses on sculptural forms combined with the interesting appearance of glazes that creates a functional sculptural form at your home.
I perceive my ceramic art as a hub for creativity in many different realms – the arts of farming, gardening, hiking, traveling, cooking, arranging, and hosting, all connecting us to each other and to the natural origin of our resources.


Water-seal fermenting crocks in sizes of 1 gallon and 2 gallons.
A variety of tableware and drinkware such as; Plates, Mixing Bowls, Soup Bowls, Condiment Dishes, Cassarol bowls with lid,
Cups and Bottles.
Miso fermentation vessels.
Teapot and cups set.
Sake bottle and cup set.
Dinner set customized order.

We also teach fermentation workshop where we discuss the history and the health benefits of fermented foods, as well as make the first batch in the newly purchased fermenting vessel in the workshop. It is a fun hands-on workshop with lots of delicious tastes for inspiration.

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