Grimm Brothers Foods

Grimm Brothers is a family owned company that utilizes the 3 hottest chile peppers on the planet to create balance of flavor and flame in our spicy fire roasted sea salt, hot sauce, honey mustard and BBQ Sauce Our focus is local, natural and organic ingredients . We are consistently trying to expand our line and grow our brand while remaining true to quality and the PNW.


Fire Potion #3--Hot Sauce using Ghost Pepper (Moderately Spicy)
Brimstone #23--Ghost, Scorpion & Reaper infused Sea Salt
Inferno Potion #1031--Concentrated Hot Sauce using Ghost, Scorpion & Reaper Peppers
Hotheads Honey Mustard--Local honey and beer along with mustard seed combined with the 3 hottest peppers--amazing flavor!
Imperial Scorpion BBQ Sauce--Local Cherries & Rhubarb with Scorpion Peppers bring sweet heat to the grill
Incendiary Potion #73--All flame, no flavor add to chilli or make fiery ice cubes for that Bloody Mary or Sweet & Spicy Margarita

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