Greenwood Cider Company

At Greenwood Cider, we make cider the hard way. We pick and source unique, wild, and heirloom apples from local farms, small homesteads, and abandoned orchards. We use regional ingredients like Cascade mountain huckleberries, Eastern Washington peppers, foraged rosehips, and douglas fir tips to infuse our ciders with regional flavor. We combine traditional cidermaking with modern tastes, always experimenting yet respecting the our roots. The result is a wide breadth of ciders brimming with local flavor and character. Dry, bold, distinctive; cider the way we like it: the hard way.


Dry Cider, Huckleberry Cider, Hops Cider, Fire-Roasted Pepper Cider, Blush Cider, Lingonberry Cider, Barrel-Aged Ciders, Heirloom Ciders

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