SOS Cold Brew Coffee

SOS Cold Brew Coffee – A whole new coffee experience. Cold Brew Coffee is the new, healthy alternative to the usual iced coffee drinks. Our cold brewed coffee products- Classic, Bold, and Kona Blend, deliver a clean caffeine boost to your day. We combine freshly roasted coffee, pure water, and time, to create a delicious cold brew coffee that’s perfectly balanced.

SOS Cold Brew uses only natural ingredients, with no added sugars or preservatives. All of our products are in 12oz bottles, as well as in kegs as “Nitro”.


Classic- Our original recipe, a perfect balance of flavor, strength, and drinkability. This blend is meant to be your everyday cold brew, replacing sugar and artificial ingredient filled energy drinks, sodas, or other kinds of unhealthy beverages. A 12oz serving provides 174mg of Caffeine, with only 7 calories.

Bold- Same base recipe as Classic, but 50% stronger. If you like Classic, but need that extra punch of flavor and caffeine, this is your cold brew. Bold can also be poured over ice. A 12oz serving provides 247mg of Caffeine, with only 10 calories.

Kona Blend- Because nothing bad ever came from Hawaii. Kona Blend cold brew is rich and delicious, and a refreshing new way to enjoy some of the best coffees in the world. A 12oz serving provides 174mg of caffeine, with only 7 calories.

All of these products are available in our 12oz glass bottles, as well as in 5-gallon "Corny" kegs as either Still or Nitro pours.

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