Di Luce Design

Jennifer Bennett is a Seattle-based studio artist who designs and makes jewelry and sculpture out of a variety of materials. She is guided by organic forms as much as she believes in “letting the material do the talking.”

She runs her own small business, Di Luce Design, teaches youth at Coyote Central, and creates site-specific art. She holds an MA in Education from Antioch University and has lived and studied in Nepal. Jennifer resides in South Seattle where she is happy to be in walking distance from her community garden, which is where she’ll likely be found when she isn’t in her studio in the International District.

Her jewelry can be found at S.A.M., B.A.M., T.A.M and Whatcom Museum gift stores, as well as many other regional gallerie


Handmade jewelry from silver, brass, and bronze. I make earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, one-of-a-kinds, brooches, collars, studs, etc.

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