CommuniTea Kombucha

CommuniTea Seattle’s Traditional Kombucha is a crisp sparkling beverage cultured from quality green tea.  Biodynamic organic green tea, from the Makaibari Tea Estate in Darjeeling, is the foundation of our kombucha.

  • No added flavorings: Green tea produces a tart but not vinegary kombucha. We do not need to add juices or any other flavoring.
  • Low in sugar: Sugar levels are the lowest we have tested.
  • Not pasteurized: There are beneficial live cultures in every keg and bottle.
  • Alcohol: The yeast produces alcohol, which feeds the beneficial bacterial. The alcohol level naturally settles at 2½%.
  • Natural effervescence: Natural yeast levels produce the delightful fizz. Forced carbonation is not necessary.

Crafted in small batches


Kombucha bottles and kegs

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