Beneficial Brewing Company

We here at the Beneficial Brewing Company care about what we make and what we drink. We never use any syrups or extracts to flavor or brew with, just 100% whole spices, herbs and teas. We believe it just tastes better that way, plus you retain and absorb all of the benefits of these powerful ingredients. Our kombucha is always 100% Raw, never pasteurized, and never diluted. Its about what we leave out and the simplicity of great ingredients that sets us above the rest. We strive to reduce waste and carbon emissions, that’s why we only use kegs and completely recyclable aluminum cans. Smartly packaged to reduce our footprint and to give people an honest and healthy beverage. Beneficial to us, Beneficial to you, and Beneficial to the earth.


Kombucha, tea, teas, tonics, real brewed beverages, non alcoholic

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