Bavarian Meat Products, Inc.

Since 1961, Bavarian Meats has been hand-crafting exactly what German-American sausage makers are supposed to hand-craft: over 50 types of sausages, wieners, cold cuts, smoked meats, and salami. As a third-generation family owned and operated business, we use the same beloved recipes that Max Hofstatter (Grandpa Max) brought over from Munich in 1933. We take immense sausage-maker pride in everything we create – using only the finest natural ingredients and Old World preparation methods. Nestled in our beloved Pike Place Market our store is a not-so-hidden gem of lunchtime adventures and German gummy bears, smoked meats and sausages “just like from the homeland” and that one mustard you remember from that one Wednesday you studied abroad.


Landjaeger, Bratwurst, Bacon, Weisswurst, Blood Sausage, Polish, Ham, Salamis, Bologna Rings, Mortadella, Nuernberger

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