Bathing Beauteas

Bathing Beauteas is a reinvented tea bath experience that combines historical bathing traditions and today’s natural ingredients to empower the modern woman. We aim to provide a healthy in-home spa experience to help high energy, high impact women build rhythms of rest to maximize impact in their homes and workplaces. We partner and donate to local nonprofits.

Each Bathing Beautea tea bath is made using fresh teas, bath salts, essential oils, and natural powders that help to rejuvenate the skin and refresh the soul with aromatherapy benefits. They come in four classic blends and in two sizes (luxe and mini).

We also teach creative classes and create new products that pay homage to inspiring female figures who have gone before us.


Our business offers the choice of individual tea baths or a three-in-one gift package. Customers can enjoy our luxe tea bath for the ultimate in-home spa experience or the mini tea bath to adjust the fragrance strength. Our soothing tea baths come in four classic blends and rotating seasonal blends:

Cleopatra Chamomile
Based on a traditional tea bath recipe stemming back to the golden ages of Egypt, our classic Cleopatra Chamomile tea bath blend contains fresh chamomile tea, rose buds, milk powder, and honey powder with the addition of our modern day epsom salts and fragrance oils.

Geisha Green Tea
Inspired by the artisan Geishas of Japanese culture who once bathed in green tea to keep their skin looking ageless and pure, we attempted to recreate their tea bath recipe with green tea, jasmine, Epsom salt, fragrance oils, and rice. Green tea has many skin enhancing qualities including smoothing wrinkles, reducing stress, and invigorating skin.

Lady Lavender
Paying homage to the suffragettes of the Victorian era, we combined the British culture of bathing and tea time to create a sought after lavender tea bath. This blend includes lavender buds, chamomile tea, and Epsom salt with a creamy earl grey fragrance. This is our most recent classic blend that has become a Seattleite favorite.

Persephone Pomegranate
Designed based on ancient Grecian tea bath recipes that include a variety of healing herbs and plants, we created our own unique mixture of pomegranate tea, spearmint mint tea, honey powder, Epsom salt, fragrance oils, and olive oil to produce a the Persephone Pomegranate tea bath that energizes, focuses, and revitalizes.

Starting in 2018, we expanded to offer creative classes that reflect our brand's mission of empowering women through thoughtful experiences. We offer Hand Lettering 101, Hand Lettering 201, Bullet Journaling, and Watercolor. Our in-person classes are hosted in partnership with local cafes to increase traffic to local businesses. We also teach classes online.

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