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Chophouse Row Pop Up Market

The Could Room has partnered with Seattle Made to offer members free vending spots at their monthly pop up market hosted on the second Thursday evening of each month. Members must still apply with the event organizers to secure a spot.

Where: Chophouse Row – 1424 11th Ave, Capitol Hill, Seattle 98122


– Complimentary vending spot
– Outside vending
– Please plan on being ready to open by 6 pm.
– Everyone is expected to stay for the entire evening.
– You will need to bring your own cart/load in your own materials.
– Parking is not included.
– Each vendor will have 1 table 4’ x 2’w x 2.5’ ht.
– Please bring your own table covering if you wish.
– If you have any special requests or extra items you would like to bring, i.e. rolling racks, displays, signage then email Whitney separately.

If you would like to request a spot please inquiry directly with the organizer (see details below.) Let her know you are a Seattle Made member.

Didi Wittman
Director of Marketing & Events
Email: didi@cloudroomseattle.com
Office: (206) 739-9004

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Mother’s Day Pop Up Shop at RedHook BrewLab

Redhook Brewlab, also a Seattle Made member,  is excited to host memberss for a fun and intimate shopping event where people can eat, drink, and buy from their favorite local Seattle Made vendors. This event is free and open to the public. 


5/11/19 from 12 – 4PM

Redhook Brewlab on Capitol Hill, Pike Motorworks Building, 714 E Pike St, Seattle, WA, 98122

Any time after 10 AM and before 12 PM.

6′ x 2′, two vendors will be asked to share a 12′ x 2′ table.
Chairs are available for use.
Electricity is available for all booths


There is a garage attached to the building with an elevator that goes directly up to Brewlab. There is paid and free street parking also available.

We ask that vendors not sell food or drinks at this event since Redhook Brewlab is a restaurant and brewery.

Banners are not allowed to be hung on the walls. A branded table cloth would be a good solution or anything that can be draped over a table.

On this weekend last year, Redhook had 293 guests however they did not have an event they were promoting, so they  anticipate more traffic this year.

This event will be advertised on the Redhook website, in their monthly newsletter, Facebook (206K followers), and Instagram (12.5K followers). They will also have posters up around Brewlab before the event.

Seattle Made will additionally promote the event through our social media channels and newsletter. 

Complete an application form here.

March 31st at 9 pm 

Friday, April 5th 

Reach out to Andrea Porter, Seattle Made Program Manager, at andrea@seattlenetwork.org or at 206.629.2346 x 2 . 

Thank you for your interest! We are looking forward to this fun event! 

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Seattle Made Logos

Seattle Made members have the exclusive use the logos below to distinguish their products as “made in Seattle.”

Application Examples

They may be used on websites, marketing materials, signage, labels, packaging, etc.

Marketing T-shirt Transparent Wood

Color Adaptation Examples

Members may modify the logo to use any one color of their choice to match their brand. E.g.:



It takes a village to build a vibrant community-based economy! As a non-profit, we rely on support from individuals, businesses, foundations, and other institutions to do this work. If you believe what we’re doing is important, please join us at one of our upcoming fundraising events or consider donating today!


Game of Chefs
Wednesday, July 26th 6 – 9:30 pm

Seattle Good Business Network’s first annual “Game of Chefs,” a fundraiser and party starring Dine Around Seattle chefs facing off in a healthy competition to create the tastiest and most creative dishes from a pantry of Seattle Made products, plus locally sourced produce and staples from Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market.

The evening will feature heavy apps, a signature cocktail, and Seattle Made beer and wine. Local celebrity judges and audience favorites will choose Seattle’s ‘top chef.’

Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet the makers and chefs, and pick up some Seattle Made treats – all to benefit the programs of Seattle Good Business Network.

When: Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 from 6-9:30 pm
Where: The Atrium Kitchen Pike Place Market
Cost: $100
Purchase Tickets: HERE
More Information on our Game of Chefs Event Page



Support Seattle Made through a donation today.
Seattle Good Business Network is a 501(c)3 organization.

Donate by credit card: To make a tax-deductible donation with a credit card, use the secure online form on our about page.

Donate by check: Make a check payable to “Seattle Good Business Network” with “Seattle Made” in the memo line, and mail to:
Seattle Good Business Network
220 2nd Ave S, Ste 202
Seattle, WA 98104

Please contact Andrea Porter at (206) 629-2346 x2 or andrea @ seattlenetwork.org to discuss ways you might support our work – she’d love to hear from you!


Thanks again for celebrating the amazing products, people, and places of Seattle!

Seattle Made Market Day 2017

Thank you for joining us for this event!

There is a $60 participation fee.
Please pay via credit card by clicking on the link below.

If you are not able to pay via credit card online please send a check payable to:
Seattle Good Business Network, 
220 2nd Ave S #202, Seattle, WA, 98104

Deadline for Registration Payment: September 15, 2017


It is our collective responsibility to protect the city we love by mitigating our environmental impact in every way possible. Seattle Made works to develop initiatives, and provide resources and programs to help Seattle Made businesses be as sustainable as possible, for a safer and healthier environment.

Programs and Resources

EnviroStars is a free, one-stop hub for Washington businesses to get information, help, and recognition for actions that protect their workplace, the community, and the planet. Through EnviroStars, Seattle Made members are offered free technical assistance to find easy and quick ways to ‘green’ their business. Whether your business is just starting to explore green practices, or you’re looking to take it to the next level, EnviroStars meets your business where it is today. 

Sign up here for a free, 30-minute consultation to learn more about how this program can benefit you and your business.

Find out what Seattle Made members love about EnviroStars here.

Commute Seattle is a nonprofit Transportation Management Association that provides free services and technical assistance to help businesses develop commuter benefits program to support the use of sustainable commuting habits, and provide a roadmap to flexible, affordable commuting options.

If you’d like to set up a free consultation, please contact Nick Abel at: nicka@commuteseattle.com, or 206-613-3233.

What does your website’s carbon footprint look like? Find out for free on Ecograder! Learn how you can reduce your website’s carbon footprint through a free, or discounted consultation. 

Did you know that…

  • One google search uses as much energy as turning on a 60w light bulb for 17 seconds?
  • The average website could be responsible for emitting up to 4,700Ib of carbon emissions each year?
  • The internet accounts for about 10% of global energy consumption.

ASBC believes in the power of business to build a better world. ASBC’s mission is to empower and mobilize business leaders to advocate for market and policy change in support of a triple bottom line, sustainable economy. 

Join ASBC to build a sustainable economy and receive a 20% discount on your first year’s membership. Contact Nico at nico@seattlenetwork.org to join and get exclusive benefits starting at: 

  • 10+ exclusive webinars every year
  • Access to online skills training workshops
  • In-person events in numerous states
  • Share your news and events in our monthly Policy Update
  • Discounted pass to the Annual Sustainable Business Summit
  • Certificate of membership & license to use ASBC branding

Visit our Good Business Resource Center to find more resources to help you and your business be sustainable.

Don’t see something you need? Let us know on this quick form!

More About envirostars

Save up to 20-30% on your waste bills and reduce landfill waste by adopting or revamping your recycle/compost/trash systems! With EnviroStars, you’ll receive free signage and bins to help set up an efficient system!

Save up to 20-30% in precious water use and utility bills by replacing inefficient equipment. EnviroStars offers unparalleled rebate programs that help you do this at little to no cost!

Prevent polluted and hazardous chemicals from running rampant! Learn how to save $5-10K in pollution clean ups by getting a free spill kit and plan! Schedule a free site visit and get one. 

Once you’re an EnviroStars member, you’ll reach the EnviroStars Partner, Leader, or Champion levels, and receive promotional materials and opportunities from  window clings to digital advertisements, and news media features! Sign up for a free consultation now to get started!

What if...

Fear not! EnviroStars is still for you and offers free consultations! Sign up for a free consultation here!

Not a problem! As long as you’re still in Seattle, we can set you up for a consultation and you can take your green practices with you, or just sign up for two free consultations! Schedule one now!

Kitchens, production spaces, and everything in between are great spaces to greenify! Sign up for a free consultation here.

Alternative resources to help reduce waste and impact!

Futamura: Baked goods, chocolate, coffee, tea, fresh produce, and home options!

Bee’s Wrap: plastic wrap alternative

Mightynest: bees wrap (plastic wrap alt.), and more!

TekPak Solutions: omnidegradable – products that don’t degrade on the shelf!

Biomass Packaging: Products include: bags, office & shipping supplies, cleaning & janitorial supplies, food & table service, and custom printed items!

FoodBiz Supply: Literally everything!

Evergreen Packaging: Cartons, paperboard, paper, and they also offer equipment & parts services!


EcoProducts: Also everything!

Naturbag: garbage/commercial

BioBags: garbage/commercial

Girlie Press (Ask about their Conservation Cover paper that uses 100% recycled content!)

Sunshine POS: receipts and more!

POS Supply: receipts and more!

ArMetallizing: Metallized labels (packaging options too!)

Online Labels

Lightning Labels

EcoEnclose: Mailers, boxes, tape, bags, packing tissue, and more! (They even give free samples!)

AllPak Container: boxes, palettes, and more!

Trojan Litho: Packaging

Email Sustainability Program Manager to suggest other options, or let them know about what you use! 

Purchase Stickers

We offer two sizes of stickers that can be used to promote your membership in Seattle Made!

Large Square Stickers: 1.75″ x 1.75″
These glossy stickers are great for securing tissue wrap, or placing on paper bags, coffee cups, or other recyclable items. Put in shopping bags or along with shipments. Also, great to give to kids who come through your store or office.

Small Square Stickers: .75″ x .75″
These glossy stickers are great for adding to your product packaging. Maybe you just purchased custom printed packaging so are not ready to add the Seattle Made logo to your custom packaging. This is a great quick fix to be sure your brand is identified as Seattle Made!

Stickers will be mailed out each Friday afternoon. If you have any questions about purchasing your stickers please contact nico @ seattlenetwork.org.

Payments will be processed through PayPal. Please be sure your PayPal address matches the location where you would like your items mailed. If you would like a larger quanity please contact us and we can send you an invoice through PayPal.

Purchase Stickers:
Shipping included

100 Large Stickers 1.75 x 1.75 – $6

250 Large Stickers 1.75 x 1.75 – $15

100 Small Stickers .75 x .75 – $5

250 Small Stickers .75 x .75 – $12

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  • If you selected other as a reason for closing your account please describe below.

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Promote Your News

We want to let people know about the great work you are doing!

We have an events calendar on the Seattle Made site, a newsletter,  as well as active social media platforms. If you have been nominated for an award, have an event coming up or have something special you’d like to spread the word about please send us details. We’ll do our best to get the word out! We hope to get a job posting resource up soon, but for now no job posts, please.

You can email your information to us or fill out the form below.

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Seattle Made Membership

Seattle is known worldwide for its innovation, independence, and grit. In addition to helping local manufacturers find and share the resources they need to thrive, Seattle Made offers a brand platform that helps certified local manufacturers (members) identify and differentiate themselves, and helps consumers identify locally made products.

Instagram Takeover


Welcome to our Seattle Made Instagram Takeover! As a Seattle Made member, we welcome you to promote your local products to our Seattle Made audience by “taking over” (control of) our official Instagram account for a two-day periodWhat a great opportunity to gain followers just by sharing your story!

Here's the Rules:

By participating in the Seattle Made Instagram Takeover promotion, you agree to:

  • keep our login information confidential (do not share it with anyone outside of your team)
  • refrain from uploading any content that is offensive, defamatory, or illegal
  • promote ONLY your business, Seattle Made, and/or Seattle Good Business Network (Seattle Made’s parent organization)
  • delete the Seattle Made user info from your Instagram settings after your two-day promotion window has ended


  • You may posts as many posts as you’d like during your takeover!
  • Incorporate the Seattle Made logo into your photos, either in the photo itself or added as a stamp. A high-resolution Seattle made logo [900x900px .png] with transparent background is available in black or white.
  • Use the hashtag #seattlemade when posting to our account.
  • On your account, inform your followers you’re heading over to the Seattle Made IG account and they should follow you there! [see example]
  • First post: Introduce yourself on the Seattle Made IG account; encourage others to follow your @instagram profile. [see example]
  • Last post: Conclude your Seattle Made promotion with a goodbye post. [see example]
  • Please do not split your posts into a mosaic layout (example here). They may not display correctly on Seattle Made social feeds featured elsewhere.

Our Latest Posts

Post Inspiration

  • Tell followers what upcoming events or shows you’ll be participating in.
  • Take photos at iconic Seattle locations incorporating your product.
  • Showcase your process for production (how it’s made) or production facility!
  • Highlight or @tag any Seattle stores, restaurants, or cafes you work with.
  • Promote any current collaboration with other Seattle Made members!

Book Your Takeover Dates!

Select from the booking calendar below which dates you’d like to participate. Time slots shown in red and orange have been filled. Weekends are not available. You will receive a confirmation email notifying you that we have received your submission. When your Takeover dates are approved, you will receive a second email with the user/pass login information for our Seattle Made Instagram account. If you need to reschedule or cancel your dates, please call us at (206) 629-2346 x4 or email us.

NOTE: Please only select two consecutive dates. Each member is limited to one Instagram Takeover promotion every 90 days. Don’t see the dates you want? Use the double arrow (>>) at the top right-hand corner of the calendar to scroll and select future dates.

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Questions or Comments?

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns about the Seattle Made Instagram Takeover, please contact Seattle Good Business Network Community Manager, Cody Chapin. Thank you for participating!

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