Cone & Steiner Pop-Ups

Don’t miss out on these pop-ups of local Seattle businesses who produce your favorite food, drinks, clothes, and more! Check out the pop-ups below, being offered by Seattle Made members during Seattle Made Week at Cone & Steiner, our favorite neighborhood market! 

Drop by anytime! Pop- Up Schedule Below
Cone & Steiner – Pioneer Square, 135 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104

Pop -Up Schedule | October 10 - 17, 2021

Arcana Metalwork

A local Pioneer Square jeweler specializing in graceful silver filigree designs.  Arcana Metalwork jewelry is made for strong independent women who love beautiful lines, sparkling gems, and intricate details – and who care about where their jewelry comes from and how it’s made.

Monday, October 11  |  11am – 2 pm
Tuesday, October 12   | 11am – 2 pm
Wednesday, October 13  | 11am – 2 pm

Alter Ego Expressions

What if there was a collection of apparel and lifestyle pieces that allowed you to express your alter ego? That’s the question that inspires art by Alter Ego Expressions and everything we create. You should have the freedom to express your second self as you move through the world so we designed our products to make you feel comfortable expressing every dimension of you. We believe that apparel and lifestyle merchandise should be designed to empower you to express the many dimensions that make you YOU. 

Monday, October 11  |  3 – 6 pm
Tuesday, October 12   |  3 – 6 pm
Wednesday, October 13  |  3 – 6 pm


If you have ever thought about wanting a better way to wake up and focus, you need to try Hone’s Mushroom Matcha. Coffee, energy drinks, pre-workout, and pharmaceuticals have taken over the lives of productive people. Hone built this product to give productivity without the crash, anxiety, jitters, or dependency.

Thursday, October 14  |  1 – 6 pm

Technicolor Dino

Inspired by play and curiosity artist Nick Robles Technicolor Dino designs and creates limited edition home goods and fine art.

Friday, October 15  |  3 – 6 pm

Elsom Cellars

It has been said that wine reflects its environment. Elsom Cellars’ wines are filled with the clatter of artisans working hard at their craft, sharing stories, friends laughing, and eventually it, all ends up in the bottle. Owner Jody Elsom is a pioneer in the Seattle urban winery movement. Since 2006 Elsom Cellars have been producing brilliant Washington wines in the city, exploring the complexities found only in vineyards east of the cascades. Their wines offer distinctive flavors, born of a singular desire to create the quintessential gesture of hospitality. Be sure to try out the Seattle Made wine as well! 

Saturday, October 16  |  12 – 4 pm

Seattle Sorbets

Seattle Sorbets is a minority owned business specializing in the manufacture and wholesaling of unique sorbets and ice cream sold in the greater Seattle area for over 20 years.

Their delicious frozen fruit based deserts are vegan, kosher, fat free, gluten free, and non-dairy. Some contain alcohol. Their sorbets are under the supervision of Va’ad of Greater Seattle and certified Kosher-Parva.

Sunday, October 17  |  11 – 2 pm

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