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Member Opportunities!

Below you’ll find peer vetted resources as well as exclusive programs for Seattle Made members. We’re continually creating new partnerships, so please be sure to check back often!

Seattle Made Week Opportunities: Oct 3rd - 13th

Seattle Made Week Cone & Steiner Food and beverage Tastings & Sales

Sign up to offer samples/demos and sales at Cone & Steiner during Seattle Made Week, October 3rd - 13th, 2019. Open to all Seattle Made food and beverage members. First come, first served. Free to participate.


Seattle Made has partnered with Urban Craft Uprising to offer members a vending opportunity at First Thursday in Occidental Square held on Thursday, October 3rd. The first day of Seattle Made Week! Open to all Seattle Made vendors. Application and fees apply.

Seattle Made Week Tours

Join Seattle Made members in offering tours at your production or retail facility during Seattle Made Week, October 3rd - 13th, 2019. Open to all Seattle Made members.

Taste of Seattle Made during Seattle Made Week

Sign up to join us at the fifth annual Taste of Seattle Made. Seattle Made members offer delicious samples to 400 foodie attendees!

Ongoing Opportunities


We're thrilled to be able to offer members the opportunity to be featured at the Seattle Made SEA-TAC Airport Store through our partnership with Stellar Airports.


We welcome you to promote your business by “taking over” our official Seattle Made Instagram account for a two-day period. It's a great opportunity to gain new followers!


We want to let people know about the great work you're doing! If you have an event, have been nominated for an award, or have something special you'd like to share, let us know!


Find out how you can adopt sustainable business practices with ease and at no cost! Lower utility bills, increase efficiency, conserve resources, find eco-friendly packaging, and more! We promote and recognize...

Support Local youth

We've started our Seattle Made youth program to help empower and engage Seattle youth in the local economy, why it matters, and how they can make positive change! Seattle Made members can host tours, interns...

Circular economy

Seattle Made is working to be a part of the Circular economy that is looking beyond the current take-make-dispose extractive industrial model, and aiming to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits.

Seattle Good Business Network Resources

Seattle Made is one of six programs of our umbrella nonprofit, Seattle Good Business Network.

business resources

Seattle Good Business Network works to provide resources to help businesses grow and thrive in every capacity as possible. Find good, local resources that will help you and your business!

Members-only Resources

Find special discounts, promotions, and other business resources offered to our members across the Seattle Good Directory and Seattle Made.

Member FAQ

If you’re looking for guidance, need to access resources, or would like to find out how to access exclusive Seattle Made member opportunities, you can schedule a one-on-one consultation with Andrea Porter, Seattle Made Program Manager!

One-hour consultation sessions are available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. They can be done by phone or in person at our offices in Pioneer Square. Andrea will follow up after the consultation with connections, options, and information on what was discussed. We feel this is a great starting point for us to connect and for you to get the most out of your membership! We look forward to getting you the resources you need to grow your business!


One of the biggest benefits of joining Seattle Made is having the ability to reach out to other members to ask for help, give support, and learn about business opportunities. Member communication is a major component of what we’re all about! 

Our preferred communications platform is called Mobilize. We believe it’s one of the best tools for our community. Please note this is different than your Seattle Made profile on If you haven’t joined us on Mobilize yet, check it out! As part of your membership, we have already created your profile for you!

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • If you’d like, you can use Mobilize completely via email. To send a message to all Seattle Made members through your regular email account, address the email TO
  • Messages must be FROM the email you used to register for Seattle Made, although you can change or add addresses in your Mobilize settings (login below).
  • You can reply to any post wherever you are, just like a normal email. No need to log in.
  • If you’d like to communicate with a select group of members or check out older posts, you’ll need to log into your mobilize profile at
  • If you’ve forgotten your password, click the ‘forgot password’ link. If you’re unsure of the email you used to sign up, please email Andrea Porter for assistance.


As a Seattle Made member, you have exclusive access to use the Seattle Made logo to distinguish your business and products. Use it on your website, packaging, labels, marketing materials, at tradeshows, or any other creative way you like! Logo files and usage guidelines are here:


We have two sizes of Seattle Made stickers. These glossy stickers are great for securing tissue wrap, placing on paper bags, or including on your product packaging.


Our Founding and Sustaining Partners