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Seattle Made is a network that connects over 500 local businesses to each other, and to resources they need to ‘make it’ in Seattle. These makers create jobs and help keep Seattle a unique and exciting place to live. Seattle Made’s mission is to grow and support a diverse ecosystem of urban manufacturers and producers that expand opportunities for local ownership and meaningful employment, build our region’s long-term resiliency, and celebrate Seattle’s unique cultural identity.

We help coordinate tours for youth groups (ages 13+) where we explore one, or several local production spaces. You can opt to visit a mix of industries, or makers from one industry!

You may think of assembly lines or dirty factories when you think of urban manufacturing, but it is so much more! On a youth tour you get to see first hand, how people make everything from chocolate to cheese, from glass art to skateboards, and everything in between, right here in Seattle! Check out some of our past and current tour hosts below! The list is always growing!

We do not provide transit for tour groups. Tour groups typically rent vans, or buses for their groups, but if you are unable to, we can help coordinate what public transit is available to get to your tour(s). 

On each tour, we provide youth with resources and opportunities that they can look into if they are interested in internships, job shadowing, classes, and more. 

Makers in Schools

October 2018, we had Seattle Made member, Justin from Mustard & Co., talk about the history of mustard, how he got into the business, and who facilitated a cooking lab where students made deviled eggs using differente flavors from Mustard & Co.! We also had three different Seattle Made members from Subsonic Skateboards and Slab Art Studio participate on a panel discussion in a wood shop class about their professions, and different pathways for students to pursue careers in woodworking and design! 

Can't make it to a tour?

  • Sign up to have a Seattle Made, local business owner (or several), come to your class to talk about their trade, and show your students what, how, and why they make what they make.
  • Help your students learn key, entrepreneurial skills and what it takes to build and run their own successful business.

Tell us about your experience and needs

Have you been on a tour?

We want to make sure these tours are tailored for every youth in Seattle, to be as enjoyable and meaningful as possible. In order to do that, we need your feedback on your takeaways, and what you'd like to see on future tours!

Looking for experience beyond the tours?

Find unique and meaningful career pathways, by checking out our available internships and job shadowing opportunities with Seattle Made members.

Past Tours

2018 Seattle Made Week Oct. 5-13th

Feel free to contact our Youth Program Manager Nico Onoda-McGuire via email if you have questions!

Past Tour Hosts:

Our Founding and Sustaining Partners