Seattle Made Airport Store

We partner with Hudson Group to offer members the opportunity to be featured at the Seattle Made Airport Store.

Hudson Group handles the day-to-day management of the store, handling all product curation, purchasing, wholesale terms negotiation, invoicing/billing, and store operations.

Seattle Made’s role is focused on community convening and promotion of the store through our network. Seattle Made is provided a small percentage of sales to help support our programming. The contract is similar to a licensing agreement.

Quick Overview
Only Seattle Made members are featured at the Seattle Made store!
The Seattle Made Store opened in May of 2019.
The initial lease is for eight years.
The store is located in Concourse C at SeaTac airport. This is the Alaska Airlines concourse.
Approximately 40 – 50 members are featured in the store at any given time.

Below are details for prospective vendors as well as tips to support current vendors.

Information for prospective Seattle Made Store vendors 

Information for current Seattle Made Store vendors 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!
Andrea Porter | Seattle Made Program Manager
gro.doogelttaes@aerdna | 206.629.2346 x 2

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