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Çakra life hair and skincare products are 100% hand made with love and all-natural ingredients. We use ingredients in the purest form possible which has no chemicals, no preservatives & isn’t tested on animals. The packaging is 99% recyclable (working on the 1%) made up of bamboo and glass. Zero preservatives.

Çakra life Hair Potion: Coconut and Sesame seed oils with herbs extracts for nourishing, rejuvenating and repairing dull, brittle and frizzy hair.
Çakra life Sandlewood Mint Face Pack: Blend of 7 medicinal herbs, helps to deep clean pores and exfoliates skin to achieve a healthy glow.
Çakra life Rose Lip Balm: This lip balm provides lasting hydration that repairs chapped lips throughout the day. Includes real rose petals!


All Natural Hair Potion, All Natural Moisturizing Face Pack, All Natural Rose Lip Balm

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