Subsonic Skateboards

Since 1999, Subsonic has made sought-after custom skateboards for downhill, distance, cruising, and freeriding. Our Custom Board Builder allows you to choose exactly what you want in shape, stiffness, construction, stain color, graphics, and components for a truly custom board.

After moving from Portland to Seattle in 2015, we have continued making our handcrafted custom boards while expanding our operations to include factory decks and completes available online to discerning skaters and wholesale to the best skate shops worldwide. Our 4,000+ sq. ft Seattle production facility allows us to pair sophisticated CAD software and precision CNC machine milling with our famous handcrafted finishing for the finest longboard you can ride.


Custom longboard decks & completes
Production longboard decks & completes
One-of-a-kind decks & completes
Skateboard trucks, wheels, & bearings
Skateboard brackets, footstops, & hardware
Logo t-shirts & jackets

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