My name is Alexander Williamson. I am a born and raised Seattlite. I have used the stunning imagery of nature, flora and fauna to inspire my illustrations, acrylic paintings, block prints, murals, tattoos and graphic design.

I’ve worked for the last 5 years as a production artist for company’s like Trader Joe’s and local coffee shops, creating murals, chalk artwork, & signage, along logos and design elements.

Most recently I created a publishing company to create high quality adult coloring books and frame worthy art anthologies, compiled from a decade of my illustrations. “The Psychedelic Coloring Book” and a mushroom themed book entitled “The Fungus Among Us” with aspirations of publish my next book using PNW and Seattle based ima.


Comissioned Paintings, Acrylic Paintings, Illustration, Adult Coloring Books, Block Prints, Graphic Design, Hand lettering signage, woodcuts, murals.

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