Rat City Studios

Momentum, Curiosity, Community

In order to make pottery I must approach the clay with openness and practiced skill, with a clear idea and playful intuition. I am always seeking and asking myself, “How does this cup feel when held? Where will this pitcher live? What am I communicating with this line or volume?” As I spend hours in my studio working away, my mind blends and refracts the interests I research and my recurring questions. I love the stillness and intensity of my studio practice in which I am free to listen, to move clay, to invent… I am busy like a bee tending to a vibrate studio practice. This constant motion feeds my energy and excitement for life, which I strive to capture in the forms and surfaces of my pottery.


Teapots, Cup, Bowl, Serving Dish, Vase, Pitcher, plate, juicer, bottle, cake stands.
Classes and Workshops in clay.

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