Nutraberry is a Pacific Northwest, U.S (Seattle, WA) natural functional ingredient manufacturer of berry seed flours and oils

All our raw seed cake materials are procured from within the States of Washington and Oregon U.S, and our manufacturing is compliant with 21 CFR Part 117 (Food GMPs) including Food Safety Plans and HACCP.

Our business has folded sustainable into our operation, since our raw material is raspberry ‘seed cake’, which is discharged during the production of raspberry seedless purees in the Pacific Northwest U.S.


The products we consistently offer are: Blueberry, strawberry, raspberry (both with oil and defatted), blackberry (both with oil and defatted) seed powders.

We offer two size formats that may be appropriate for baking applications with our seed powders: 70 mesh size (both with oil and defatted seed powders) and finer than 220 mesh (only defatted material).

Our seed powders, inclusive of seed oil, and defatted seed powders which do not have the seeds oil, come in a variety of mesh sizes, ranging from coarse (20 mesh or 841 microns), ideal as an natural exfoliant in foot scrubs to very fine powders @ 40-70 mesh (or 420 - 210 microns), ideal for exfoliants in face, body scrubs, and masks.

Berry seed oil, in particular, contains several components that can provide benefits to the skin. Research has shown raspberry seed oil to be able to absorb light in both the UV-A and UV-B range.

Our seed powder are gluten free ingredients, clean label ingredients, that add flavor, fiber, and health benefits in many baked good applications such as bread, biscuits, cookies...etc.

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