Metamorphic Gear

Upcycling is a noble cause and one that pays tribute to a time when people had to be resourceful. Feed sacks became dresses, old doors became new dining room tables. Everything had a use – and ultimately a new life as something else. The magic of this is in the stories. The places and the adventures that the old life brings to the new one. Adventures are sort of like fingerprints. Each unique to its owner. The gear you use – the paths you take – all pay tribute to those that have come before you and sets the stage for those to follow. At Metamorphic we believe whole heartedly that your gear should be as unique as you and your adventure.


Pouches (Large, Medium, Small), Billfold Wallet, Dopp kits (Large, Medium, Small) , Marble Boat Tote (Large and Small), Marble Woven Tote, Marble Ultra Tote, Marble Deluxe tote, Slate Messenger Bag, Duffel bag

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