Lanier’s Fine Candies

Lanier’s Fine Candies has elevated nut brittles to an elegant gourmet treat without losing a bit of down-home flavor or old-fashioned artisan quality. Based on the Northern Louisiana peanut-brittle recipe of Herman Lanier’s Aunt Marie, these sweet brittles crunch when you bite them yet melt in your mouth when you let them linger. They’ve been known to set hearts aflutter and make taste buds break into dance. All-natural, preservative free, and made in small batches to ensure freshness, Lanier’s Fine Candies are perfect as gifts for all occasions and are delicious eaten fresh from the bag, paired with coffee, baked into cookies, and crumbled on ice cream and anything else your heart desires. All of our Brittle Candy is hand dipped in Chocolate.


Cashew Brittle, Cashew Brittle Dark Chocolate, Cashew Brittle Milk Chocolate
Pecan Brittle, Pecan Brittle Dark Chocolate, Pecan Brittle Milk Chocolate
Peanut Brittle, Peanut Brittle Dark Chocolate, Peanut Brittle Milk Chocolate
Macadamia Brittle, Macadamia Brittle Dark Chocolate, Macadamia Milk Chocolate, Pistachio Brittle Dark Chocolate

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