Kimchee Girl

Kimchee Girl kimchee is made in small batches using all natural ingredients with authentic style of my mom’s home province of Gyeonggi-do, which is located in the central part of Korea near the DMZ line. Kimchee Girl kimchee is very traditional in style and made with napa cabbage, Korean radishes, garlic leek, plenty of garlic and ginger and special Korean kimchee chili peppers, so it’s totally vegan as well.


At the moment, Kimchee is the primary, but within 2-3 weeks, I will be introducing Bibimbap, The word literally means "mixed rice". Bibimbap is served as a bowl of healthy mixed grain rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) consists of spinach, carrots, onions, mushrooms, grilled meat, egg and gochujang (chili pepper paste), The dish is stirred together thoroughly just before eating. Very healthy.

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