HERO Condiments LLC

HERO The Mighty Condiment is an extraordinary garden relish made locally in small batches with fresh ingredients. Fresh and crunchy with savory, piquant flavors, enjoy it right out of the jar. Spread on sandwiches and burgers. Top on brauts, tacos, oysters, chicken, eggs, bruschetta, and pizza. Mix in chilled salads, toss with pasta. Pair with hummus, antipasto, cheese and crackers. INGREDIENTS: USA-grown Kosher red sweet peppers, fresh celery, fresh carrots, Spanish olives, fresh serrano peppers, fresh jalapeño peppers, pickled pearl onions, GMO-free expeller-pressed canola oil and salt. Available now in 8 lb food service via Seattle’s Sound Produce (soon Peterson Co.).


HERO Garden Relish

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