Ghostfish Brewing Company LLC

Ghostfish Brewing is the first and only dedicated gluten-free brewery in the state of Washington. We craft beers in traditional styles using 100% certified gluten-free grains such as malted millet, malted buckwheat, and rice. This gives our beers full-bodied true craft flavor, so that even those who can tolerate gluten enjoy our beers. We strive to utilize as many locally produced ingredients as possible, sourcing hops from the Yakima valley and investigating opportunities to source gluten-free grains such as millet, buckwheat, and quinoa from growers within Washington. Ghostfish beers can be enjoyed fresh within our spacious taproom located in the heart of SODO (2942 1st Ave S.).


Watchstander Stout, Vanishing Point Pale Ale, Shrouded Summit Witbier

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