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Go green through seattle made

We make sure that our Seattle Made members have all the resources they need to be sustainable.
One of our core values is to help our members mitigate their environmental impact by
leading their business, the city, and the planet to be a healthier place.

How do we help our members go green?

EnviroStars is a free, one-stop hub for Washington businesses to get information, help, and recognition for actions that protect their workplace, the community, and the planet. Through EnviroStars, Seattle Made members are offered free technical assistance to find easy and quick ways to ‘green’ their business. Sign up for a free consultation and receive exclusive access to a network of other green businesses, free promotions, and recognition throughout our social media platforms. (See bottom of page for a few examples of what EnviroStars can help you with.)

Learn how to make your virtual spaces green by plugging in your URL to Ecograder for free! Learn why sustainable web design is important and the resources to help you get there. 

Let us know if there are other ways we can you help you go green by filling out this short form! Let’s work together to go green together!

Why EnviroStars

Through the EnviroStars program, your business will experience more efficiency, lower utility bills, greater comfort, improved worker safety, and a more healthy and productive workplace. Whether your business is just starting to explore green practices, or you’re looking to take it to the next level, EnviroStars meets your business where it is today. Join our Green Business Program to get access to EnviroStars, and you’ll receive a gift card to Broadcast Coffee Roasters and be entered to win a gift certificate to a fantastic Seattle restaurant!

An EnviroStars consultant will come check out your business/production space, at a time convenient for you, and make recommendations to where you might adopt greener practices. They don’t last more than 30 minutes! Schedule a date and time now!

Fear not! EnviroStars is still for you and offers free consultation via email or phone! Just reach out to our Green Business Program Manager via email to get connected!

It couldn’t be simpler to sign up – just click this link to schedule a date and time and a consultant from EnviroStars will come to you. Visits don’t take long, and you don’t have to be present for a consultant to come in, check out your space, and make recommendations.

Why should I green my website?

  • One google search uses as much energy as turning on a 60w light bulb for 17 seconds.
  • The average website could be responsible for emitting up to 4,700Ib of carbon emissions each year.
  • The internet accounts for about 10% of global energy consumption.​

What our members love about EnviroStars

"As an organic tea manufacturer, sustainability, conservation, and waste reduction are core principles for Choice Organic Teas. EnviroStars has helped us to identify areas where we have already succeeded in reducing our environmental impact as well as enlightened us to city programs and grants to help us further our goals of waste reduction and energy conservation. It’s so important that businesses evaluate their impact on the environment and having EnviroStars as a free resource for Seattle businesses is invaluable."

"When I started my business, I did not realize how supportive of a community we have in Seattle. EnviroStars is a big part of pulling that together and connecting business owners to one another. As we all strive to be as environmentally and socially responsible as we can with our businesses, there are always challenges and this group has been a great space and forum for increasing my ability to embed sustainable growth into my business model." 

 "It gives a great checklist and good best practices and ideas that a maturing company would want to do, to move towards being more sustainable. You don’t have to invent everything yourself, you don’t have to think of everything and then there’s the support to help get those things in place, and the rewards are great." 

planet and cost-saving green actions YOU CAN ACHIEVE through EnviroStar:

  • Setting up or expanding recycling and compost programs.
  • Understanding Seattle’s food service packaging, plastic bag, recycling, and food waste ordinances and requirements.
  • Identifying, implementing, and documenting waste reduction strategies.
  • Helping to identify and replace inefficient equipment or fixtures that waste water, energy, and money.
  • Getting available rebates for qualifying equipment.
  • Adopting efficient and proper equipment maintenance practices.
  • Training staff how to prevent and manage pollution spills.
  • Educating employees and customers with educational signage.
  • ... and much more!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Green Business Program Manager, Nico McGuire via email or by calling (206) 629-2346, Ext. 4.

The EnviroStars program is brought to you locally, by Seattle Public Utilities (SPU).

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