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Seattle Made Virtual Youth Tours

Each year, Seattle Made Week Youth Tours bring dozens of local youth into the production spaces of Seattle Made producers and manufacturers. These interactive experiences have helped to expose and engage young adults looking to uncover their passion and seek unique and meaningful career pathways, while understanding the true meaning of local urban manufacturing and entrepreneurship.

You may think of assembly lines or dirty factories when you think of urban manufacturing, but it is so much more! On a youth tour you get to see first hand, how people make everything from chocolate to cheese, from glass art to skateboards, and everything in between, right here in Seattle! Check out some of our past and current tour hosts below! The list is always growing!

On each tour, we provide youth with resources and opportunities that they can look into if they are interested in internships, job shadowing, classes, and more. 

We do not provide transit for tour groups. Tour groups typically rent vans, or buses for their groups, but if you are unable to, we can help coordinate a public transit route. 

Translation services, and other required needs may be requested on the sign up form below.

This year, we will be altering this experience as Seattle Made Week turns virtual! Interns who have been working with Seattle Made businesses, as part of Seattle Good Business Network’s inaugural internship program, will be taking us through a virtual tour of their businesses and offering a ‘peek behind the scenes’ of spaces, products, and more. Each intern and their hosting business is excited to show Seattle Made Week attendees and Seattle’s youth ‘who makes what in Seattle’ and what it means to produce locally.

Have you already been on a tour? Make sure to give us your feedback to help us improve future experiences!

Learn about our youth programming, internships, and more!

With the support of Seattle-King County’s Workforce Development Council (WDC) and City of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development, we connect local young adults from low-income and BIPOC communities who also face a number of barriers including, but not limited to: homelessness, foster care, and joblessness to local businesses for a meaningful learning, career-building, and exposure opportunity.

We help connect local youth to learning opportunities with local businesses, producers, and organizations. This internship opportunity will not only provide the young adults a unique experience to build and learn new or specialized skills, but will also uncover what it means to work for a local business and be an entrepreneur.

Above all, we are building a safe space and stronger career pipelines for all youth who seek belonging and opportunities for growth. We prioritize the health and vibrancy of all our community members and strive for equitable solutions.

2020 Virtual Tours

Play Video

2018 Tours

2018 Seattle Made Week Youth Tours – Created by City of Seattle Office of Economic Development intern, Juliette Green​

Find out about upcoming virtual tours and more!

Want to be notified when new virtual tours become available? 

Special thanks to our participating Seattle Made members and intern hosts; Bucha Belly, Fancy, Molly Ray Parfums, Prairie Underground, Refugee Artisan Initiative, rue Santé, The Works! And a huge thanks to our partners at Juma Ventures for their partnership in coordinating these internships, and to the Seattle King County Workforce Development Council and their partners at Bank of America for their support of Seattle’s youth and meaningful career pathways. 

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Apply to the Seattle Made Airport Store

Below is an overview of the submission process for the Seattle Made Airport store. While Seattle Made staff does not handle purchasing feel free to reach out (andrea@seattlegood.org) if you have any questions.

Product Categories 

  • Home Decor, Apparel, Children’s Goods, Accessories, Jewelry, Beauty
  • Souvenirs and Regionally Inspired Gifts
  • Pre-packaged Specialty Foods. Foods must be pre-packaged and have a minimum of six -month shelf life (with printed expiration dates)
  • Nonalcoholic Beverages. There is a small refrigerator available for cold items.
  • Alcoholic Beverages. Limited to beer and wine. 

Things to Consider

  • Smaller-sized items do well, i.e., objects that can easily fit in a carry-on bag.
  • Visible Seattle branding (in packaging and tagging) appeals to travelers.
  • Please keep in mind that due to the high costs associated with the airport, your wholesale price will be marked up by 2.5%.
  • If selected for inclusion, you must be capable of printing UPC and retail labels. Your buyer can create UPC numbers for you, so you do not need to purchase them, but you will need to create the labels. The barcodes can be produced here.
  • Offering displays is always a plus.

Submission Overview

  • You must be a Seattle Made member to be featured at the store.
  • Buyers will review and respond to submissions on the first Friday of the month ONLY.
  • This process was set up to ensure a response on all submissions. You may submit outside of those dates but we can not assure a response if you do not submit on the first Friday of the month.
  • Buyers will respond to submissions within 3 – 4 weeks. Please be patient. If you do not hear from a buyer in 4 weeks and you submitted on the first Friday of the month you may reach out to confirm your submission. Please cc Andrea Porter, program manager (andrea @ seattlegood.org) on your messaging so we can help assist with confirming a response. 
  • If buyers do not purchase your line, you may resubmit as you create new product lines. 
  • The staff of Seattle Made does not handle product selection or buying. 

Submission Process 

Please send your submission Emily Baker.
ebaker@spi-team.com | 813.396.3639 Ext. 245

Step 1: Send a submission by email 

Please send the following items.

  • Email Subject Line: Seattle Made Store Submission: Your Business Name: Date
    Example – Seattle Made Store Submission: Your Company Name: 1/5/23
  • Include that you are a member of Seattle Made and are submitting to the Seattle Made store.
  • Please include your contact details, a catalog or photos of your products, and a sales sheet including your wholesale prices.
  • Also, we’d suggest highlighting your top sellers. The buyers are very busy and if you offer them your best sellers they are more likely to place a purchase order with you!

Step 2: Follow up your email submission with samples by mail 

Send a few top sellers for buyer review. These items will not be returned and may not be added to future invoices. This step is not required but will enhance your likelihood of selection.

Mailing Address:
Stellar Partners, Inc.
c/o Emily Baker
12750 Citrus Park Lane, Suite 210
Tampa, FL, 33625


We hope to see your products featured soon at the store!


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Book a Consultation

Forty -five minute consultation sessions are available by phone or zoom appointments. We look forward to getting you the resources you need to grow your business!

Schedule here!


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Circular Economy

The below is just a quick overview, learn more about the Circular Economy here, and how it relates to you as a local business owner. See how you can be engaged in a more circular economy!

The Circular Economy aims to redefine the way we live, work, and do business. It changes our extractive “take, use, and dispose” model, to a more environmentally and socially regenrative one. 
It entails gradually decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources, and designing waste out of the system. 


It is underpinned by a transition to renewable energy sources, that builds economic, natural, and social capital. 


Seattle Made members who upcycle, recycle, and support a circular economy

Close Account

Close Account

Please complete this form to close your Seattle Made account.

  • Please let us know why you would like to close your account. This will help us improve services for our members. Please chek all that apply.
  • If you selected other as a reason for closing your account please describe below.

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Cone & Steiner Demos/Tasting/Sales Opportunity During Seattle Made Week 2019

Cone & Steiner will be hosting food and beverage demos/tasting/sales at their three Seattle locations during Seattle Made Week (October 3rd – 13th, 2019)

This opportunity is open to ALL Seattle Made food or beverage vendors regardless if you are current Cone & Steiner vendor.

Demos are an opportunity to connect directly with customers, offer samples, create sales, and let people know about your membership in Seattle Made! This will be a great time to connect with Cone & Steiner buyers as well.

Seattle Made and Cone & Steiner will be highlighting events on our combined social media platforms, e-newsletters, event website listings, and through our print and digital Seattle Made Week marketing campaign.

Before you sign up, please read through the below event details:

– Members can bring up to 3 flavors/varieties of product to demo/sell at Cone & Steiner

– Cone & Steiner will ring up sales at the register and pay out vendors on a wholesale basis within seven days of the event.

– If members are not current vendors with Cone & Steiner, they will need to provide a W9, reseller’s permit, and a wholesale price sheet. These materials must be submitted no later than August 16th. We will request these items upon event confirmation.

– Sales will be conducted exclusively through Cone & Steiner on a wholesale basis. No transactions may be performed directly through members at their demo tables.

– When you sign up for a demo it is confirmed, so please be sure you are available for the date and time you register.

– Registration is open now through July 31st.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this opportunity! 

Andrea Porter
Seattle Made Program Manager 
andrea@seattlenetwork.org | 206.629.2346 x 2 

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Current Seattle Made Store Vendor Information

Below is an overview of working with our partners at Stellar Airports. While Seattle Made staff does not handle purchasing, payment, or the day-to-day operations of the store feel free to reach out (andrea@seattlegood.org) if you have any questions. We are here to advocate on your behalf and want this to be a successful endeavor for all those involved!


Emily Baker | ebaker@spi-team.com | 813.396.3639 Ext. 245


Eunice Lee | elee@spi-team.com | 650.410.0520


  • You must be a Seattle Made member to be featured at the store.
  • After you have been selected for inclusion you should receive an order (PO) from an individual buyer at Stellar. In some cases the buyers have assistant buyers so please be aware that subsequent orders may come from assistant buyers.
  • Consider adding the Seattle Made logo to your packaging or tags. Visible Seattle branding appeals to travelers.
  • Buyers will review new product lines on a rolling basis. Feel free to submit any time you have a new product launch. Please review the submission process to submit new lines. 
  • Please be patient with buyer inquiries. Buyers are often out on the road but should respond to inquires within 7 – 10 days. 
  • Buyers should be able to provide you sell-through sheets so you are able to plan production accordingly. Ask your buyer if they can produce a sell-through sheet for you on a quarterly basis.


1. Confirm your order with your buyer

Reply “Received” to your buyer and supply chain at supplychain@spi-team.com

2. Create your order including UPC and retail pricing labels

You must be capable of including UPC and retail labels on your products based on your PO order. Stellar can create UPC codes for you, so you do not need to purchase them, but you will need to create the labels. The barcodes can be produced here.

Be sure to include an invoice or packaging slip in your shipment. The store team must verify it against what is included in the box. 

3. Ship your order through FedEx

All shipments are paid for by Stellar Airports if they are processed by FedEx on the Stellar Airport account. Please review the attached documents below to ship your items via FedEx. Failure to Comply with Stellar Shipping Guidelines will result in chargebacks or refusal of product.

Stellar Shipping Guide

Fedex Routing Letter_Final

FedEx Ship Manager Guide

4. Submit your invoice

Please submit all invoices including your Stellar created invoice number to: stellarinvoices@hmshost.com.

Price Discrepancies – Price increases will not be honored unless approved prior to processing the order.                        

Discontinued Items – Reply to your buyer and supply chain at supplychain@spi-team.com.

Out of Stock or Backordered Items – Backorders will only be accepted upon approval. Please notify Stellar of any items that will not ship or provide in stock date to request approval for extension. Reply to your buyer and supply chain at supplychain@spi-team.com.  

Cancellation Date –  Please be sure to ship your order by Stellar’s listed ship date. Stellar will create a cancellation date approximately 3 days after the listed ship date.The system will then cancel out the PO if it is not “received” by Stellar by the cancellation date.

5. Issues with invoices or past due payment Inquiries

For any payment questions, past-due invoices, or credit memos, email (spreadsheet format is preferred and of course reference invoice number) opccustomersupport@hmshost.com

Invoices (example of Net 30) do not start until the order has been processed at the store so please consider shipping time and an additional 2 – 3 days for the store to confirm your inventory before considering an invoice overdue. In most cases, I have recommended waiting a Net 40 from the day items have been shipped before inquiring about an overdue payment.

Direct AP contacts are:

Robert Cohen
Senior Manager, Accounts Payable
Phone: 240.694.4867  |  Mobile: 240.893.1478

Craig Oppenheim
Assistant Manager, Accounts Payable

AP Department Phone Number:
240-694-4200 and choose option 3 and then option 3 again

Thanks for joining us as a vendor at the Seattle Made store.
We’re excited to showcase your amazing products to locals and travelers alike!

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Edit Account

Below you’ll see a form that is pre-populated with your profile and account information. Feel free to change your details to stay as current as possible.

Instagram Takeover


As a Seattle Made member we welcome you to take over our Instagram feed! This is a great opportunity to promote your business and gain followers by sharing your story on our official Instagram account for two-day period


The Seattle Made Instagram feed should highlight production processes, creativity, and the culture created by those producing in Seattle. 

We retain the right to delete posts that we feel are not the right match. We will reach out offering you feedback and let you know why posts were removed. 

By participating in the Seattle Made Instagram Takeover you agree to the following Do’s and Don’ts.


  • Post as often as you’d like during your takeover!
  • Incorporate the Seattle Made logo into your photos, either in the photo itself or added as a stamp. A high-resolution Seattle made logo [900x900px .png] with transparent background is available in black or white.
  • Use the hashtag #seattlemade.  
  • You can add the hashtag #SupportSeattleSmallBiz and Seattle’s Office of Economic Development may share your post(s). Other partner organizations, Visit Seattle and The Evergrey may also share if/when content is a good fit for their audiences. Use #visitseattle and #theevergrey.
  • Inform your followers you’re taking over the Seattle Made IG account so they can follow you there! (see example)
  • Introduce yourself on the Seattle Made IG account and encourage subscribers to follow your @instagram profile. (see example)
  • Conclude your Seattle Made promotion with a goodbye post. (see example)
  • Optional – Do share one post per day to our connected Facebook account.


  •  Post photos highlighting sales, discounts, or client reviews. The Seattle Made IG takeover is meant to spotlight your business, your creativity, your craftsmanship, and/or your values; it is not intended to be a direct sales channel. (But see Post Inspiration below to highlight where you are sold)

    We trust that if folks want to purchase from you, they’ll go to your site, which you are welcome to include in your post. If you have a sale or promotion you want to share,  feel free to include in your comments. 

  • Highlight religious holidays. We want the feed to be inclusive of all Seattle Made subscribers.
  • Upload any content that is offensive, defamatory, or illegal.
  • Split posts into a mosaic layout, unless you really know how to do it! (example here)
  • Share our login information  (please only share with those on your team.)
  • Forget to delete the Seattle Made user info from your Instagram settings after your two-day promotion window has ended.

Post Inspiration

  • Take photos at iconic Seattle locations incorporating your product. 
  • Showcase your process for production (how it’s made) or production facility!
  • Highlight or @tag any Seattle stores, restaurants, or cafes you work with.
  • Promote any current collaboration with other Seattle Made members!

Book Your Takeover Dates!

Select from the booking calendar below which dates you’d like to participate. Time slots shown in red and orange have been filled. Weekends are not available. You will receive a confirmation email notifying you that we have received your submission. When your Takeover dates are approved, you will receive a second email with the user/pass login information for our Seattle Made Instagram account. If you need to reschedule or cancel your dates, please call us at (206) 629-2346 x2 or email us. 

NOTE: Please only select two consecutive dates. Each member is limited to one Instagram Takeover promotion every 120 days. Don’t see the dates you want? Use the double arrow (>>) at the top right-hand corner of the calendar to scroll and select future dates.

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Questions or Comments?

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns about the Seattle Made Instagram Takeover, please contact Seattle Good Business Network Communications Manager, Rebecca Jordan at rebecca@seattlegood.org. 

Thank you for participating!

Our Sustaining Partners