Bodypoint, Inc.

Bodypoint designs patented postural supports that position the shoulders, chest, trunk, pelvis, legs and feet of wheelchair users for increased safety, function, comfort and independence. Our Quality Management System has been certified as ISO9001-2015-compliant. Bodypoint’s sewn products, joystick accessories and footplates are compatible with most major manual and power wheelchairs, special needs strollers, shower chairs and other mobility devices. We also offer a complete line of hardware and end fittings for mounting. Bodypoint devices are tested in-house to meet all applicable standards, e.g. ISO and ANSI/RESNA. Our products also carry the CE mark and are available in 45 countries.


PivotFit™ shoulder harness, Monoflex™ chest support, Stayflex™ chest support, padded and unpadded two and four-point hip belts, Evoflex® pelvic support, Universal Elastic Strap, Aeromesh® calf supports and shower belts, Ankle Huggers®, adjustable angle footplates, midline joystick mounting systems and handles

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